Why have a Web Site

The Internet provides a way for organizations to communicate with external customers and suppliers. The following types of information may be included:

  • Customer Support
    Customer support should have a prominent role in an external website. Here is a short checklist of options:
    • Contact information.
    • Online registration and information.
    • Online literature request forms.
    • Frequently asked questions.
    • Access can be provided to all customers or limited to registered customers only.
  • Sales and Marketing Data
    Currently, marketing is the main focus for commercial websites on the Internet. This includes:
    • Brochures.
    • Promotions and discounts.
    • Frequently asked questions and answers.
    • Interactive registration.
    • List of contacts.
  • Supplier/Dealer/Sales Support 
    It can provide an excellent way to link customers directly to information. The following list shows the types of information you may include:
    • Contact information.
    • Details on programs, special promotions, discounts, etc.
    • Downloadable and printable literature.
    • Complaint and feedback forms.
  • Documents
    Every corporation has reams of business information that it must distribute to internal employees or external customers and suppliers. The Internet gives us a way to put all of the following documents online for instant access:
    • Policy and procedure manuals
    • Quality manuals
    • Employee benefits programs
    • Orientation materials
    • Quick reference guides
    • Online help
    • Style guides and other standards
    • Training manuals and tutorials
    • Seminars
    • Company newsletters and announcements
    • Scheduling information
    • Customer data
    • Price lists
    • Press releases
  • Electronic Resources
    Companies also have a number of electronic resources stored on computer that are traditionally distributed by transportable media or by copying across network nodes. These may include:
    • Contact data
    • Customer data
    • Spreadsheet templates
    • Documentation templates

In the past, many of these resources may have been hidden away in rarely accessed cavities of the network. Using appropriate Web applications, you can catalog these resources online for user review and automatically distribute them – through a single mouse-click – across a network to any authorized user who requests them.

  • Interactive Communication
    Finally, there are various kinds of two-way communication within a corporation that can be facilitated by Web technologies. These include:
    • Surveys and feedback
    • Program notification and enrollment
    • Progress inquiries and reporting
    • Memo distribution, comment, and reply
    • Spontaneous data entry and data collection
    • Interactive database queries

Web browsers give us a way to communicate with employees, customers, or suppliers, present information, capture feedback, and process the feedback automatically through databases or scripting mechanisms. It also supports spontaneous user searches of information archives or databases.

A well-designed Internet Website can provide an excellent way to unify the operations of an organization and increase the ease, frequency, and quality of communication. To promote organization-wide goals, a central group should be appointed to:

  • Promote the use of Web technology within the organization.
  • Train employees in how to use the technology.
  • Advise departments on innovative ways to apply web technology to specific applications.
  • Keep track of changes in the Web, possibly by certifying websites and providing a check-in/check-out mechanism that automatically provides a record of all changes.
  • Assist in managing the overall Web, including link analysis and reporting.

An internal consulting group set up to perform these tasks can help promote organization goals without creating a centralized Web bureaucracy.  C-4 would be able to work with this group and help them accomplish the organization goals. I believe that my knowledge of the uniqueness of your organization would help speed your website creation.

C4 The WebStore, Inc. has been doing internet work for over 12 years. If you choose to do business with us you will get more than just a web design firm, you get a new partner.  A partner who will work with you to help you succeed on-line.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to e-mail webmaster@c-4webstore.com .  Thank you for your consideration.